Benny Lauwers

"AI does not lack potential as a technology. But just as AI's succes depends on many variables, so does its failure."


Artificial Intelligence: between Myth and Reality

In today's technology landscape, Artificial Intelligence has become indispendable. You've problably already asked yourself the question: is AI a trend, a revolutionary technique, or simply a predictable step in technological progress? Benny Lauwers, author of the book "The good, The Bad and The Practical: AI for Doeners" (NL), co-founder of industrial AI Expert VIU More and founder of AI implementation specialist Applicaite, guides you through the dynamic world of AI. Discover how modest initiatives can now result in significant progress for our society and your business.

Yes, AI projects can fail, but with an understanding of the causes, this can be prevented. Crucial succes factors and best practices will therefore be thoroughly highlighted. Concrete exemples will show that AI, both now and in the future, will be an essential partner for everyone.


Jelle Van De Velde

"Without friction, no shine"


Entrepreneurship, successes and failures

Jelle started his career at Artevelde Hogeschool but soon decided to become an entrepreneur. After ttwo succesfull exists, he is now already investing in his third company. He started his first company company when Steve Jobs was waving around the first Iphone ever. He was triggered and believed that "that Ipod with phone function" was going to conquer the world. His company grew rapidly and after 5 years it was acquired by Cartamundi from Turnhout. Not long after that he started his second company focusing on digital healthcare and prevention. Shortly after, this company again was acquired by a family office and was baptized the name Leadlife. At leadlife, he is still active as CEO. Meanwhile, Jelle is yet again investing in his third company with a focus on conversational user interfaces. 

He will bring us his (life)lessons in entrepreneurship, this from a very honest and transparant, vulnerable way. About trial and error, working hard and crashing harder, value creation and team dynamics, about health and ambition, giving money to get to work and so much more.


Carlo van Tichelen

“Only those who dare to walk, can leave a footprint.”


ART-ificial: The way art can make the future

We can be proud on beïng efficient
We can be proud on globalisation
We can be proud on peace today

But how can we create a spirit for the future,
with more detail, more spirit and drive for happiness ?

I’m convinced that generative techniques,
combined with high tech production
and inspired leaders, can make the future…

In my entertraining on AI
this JCI, senator, ITF trainer and world award winner
will inspire you with art, technology and prompts
to change the world into a better place



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