Lithobeton nv plays an innovative role in the sewerage products and cabins market.
Standard products are combined with self-designed products.
Innovation and development are therefore very important in the growth of Lithobeton nv.

Lithobeton nv is a well-developed family business and known for the production of high-quality concrete
Products. Manufacturing takes place at our 2 sites: Snaaskerke and Baudour. Lithobeton looks for solution-oriented products that provide an answer to the problems or questions of customers and client authorities.

Lithobeton is the market leader in Belgium in the cabin sector. For example, Lithobeton is the main supplier of distribution cabins for grid operators such as Fluvius, Ores, Sibelga and Resa. Lithobeton is also a privileged partner for many electrical installers in Belgium. Approximately 1,600 cabins were delivered in 2022.


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